thee GO has installed 11 units of EV fast chargers for Sajha Yatayaat


thee GO has successfully installed 11 units of EV fast chargers along with the delivery of 40 electric buses to Sajha Yatayaat. Sajha has named their charging station as ‘Sajha Charging Deopt’ and was inaugurated on Tuesday.

CHTC, the manufacturer of the electric buses that have been currently purchased by Sajha Yatayaat has also released a letter congratulating Sajha and encouraging the step that they have taken towards clean energy. CHTC in their letter, have expressed that this step will bring a big change in the public transport industry of Nepal. The letter also congratulated thee GO for the success of this project and applauded their contribution towards the transition of Nepal towards clean energy solutions.

Rajan Rayamajhi, the chairman of thee GO Group of Companies, was present in the inauguration ceremony of the charging station and mentioned his happiness towards the success of this project initiated by Sajha Yatayaat. He mentioned, “Electric vehicles and hydropower are boons for the progress of the nation. Public transportation consumes a large amount of diesel, which causes a huge amount of carbon emissions leading to air pollution. To prevent this, all agencies should take inspiration from this big step taken by Sajha Yatayaat towards clean energy.”

thee GO is the official distributor of CHTC vehicles in Nepal. Under their ecosystem of electric mobility, they operate in diverse areas such as sales, distribution and service of electric vehicles, EV rental and leasing, sales, installation and service of EV chargers, highway rest stops and so on. thee GO recently announced that they have renewed their long term contract with CHTC and now are planning to bring various electric vehicles such as microbus, minibus and buses of the brand to the Nepali market.