EV Glossary

EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is the system that provides electricity to charge an electric vehicle (EV). You can think of it as the equipment that helps charge your EV, often referred to as charging stations or charging docks. These stations are responsible for delivering electric power to your vehicle and using it to recharge the EV’s batteries. The EVSE system includes all the necessary components such as the electrical wires, associated equipment, software, and communication protocols. Its primary goal is to deliver energy to the vehicle in an efficient and safe manner, ensuring that your EV gets the power it needs to run.

EVSE is industrial term. However, in everyday conversation, people often refer to it as an “EV charging station” or simply a “charging point.” These terms are more commonly understood by the general public and effectively convey the idea of a place where you can charge your electric vehicle.

EVSE systems include various components that work together to deliver energy efficiently and safely to the vehicle. These components may include:

  • Electrical conductors
  • Related equipment
  • Software
  • Communications protocols
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