EV Glossary

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are like the secret agents inside electric cars, working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. These systems are like mini-computers with specific jobs. One of their important tasks is taking care of the car’s battery. They check how much power is left and if it’s getting too hot or too cold. They also control how electricity goes in and out of the battery to keep it healthy for a long time.

These embedded systems also help the electric motor do its job. They make sure it speeds up when you want to go faster, slows down when you want to stop, and keeps a steady pace when you’re cruising. They talk to special sensors all around the car that can sense things like how fast you’re driving or if the road is slippery. Plus, they work together with something called a VCU board to manage the car’s power and keep it safe.

And guess what? They’re even responsible for what you see on the dashboard in front of you. That’s right! Those cool displays that show your speed and how much energy you have left in the battery, they’re controlled by these clever embedded systems. So, when you’re driving an electric car, remember that these little computer heroes are always working to make your ride safe and enjoyable.