EV Glossary

Range of EV

Electric cars can only go a certain distance before they need to be recharged. This distance is called the “range,” and it’s really important for people who are thinking about buying an electric car. How far an electric car can go on one charge depends on its battery, how efficient it is, and the conditions it’s driven in.
Thanks to better batteries, electric cars today can travel quite far on one charge. Some can go around 320 to 480 kilometers or even more. That’s enough for everyday driving and even long trips. Some fancy electric SUVs can go even farther, almost as far as regular cars with gasoline engines. And as more charging stations are built and faster chargers are developed, it’s becoming easier to use electric cars without worrying about running out of power.
As technology keeps improving, electric cars will probably be able to go even farther on one charge. Car companies are also trying to make electric cars that are affordable and have good ranges, which will help us use less polluting fossil fuels and protect the environment.